If I were Joe Silva - UFC 185 match making...

 Anderson Silva vs. Okami

Bisping vs. Franklin

Quarry vs. Leben

MacDonald vs. Maia

Henderson vs. winner of Marquardt/Leites


bisping v quarry

maia v leben

hendo v franklin

okami v macdonald

 Okami vs. Macdonald?

I am down for

Henderson/Franklin or Henderson/Okami

Franklin v Bisping

Quarry v Mcdonald

 All of them would make for exciting fights and would make contenders. I don't see how you can not go with them.

Quarry v. Almeida
Henderson v. Franklin
Leites v. Bisping
Kampmann v. Maia

Brigham- so in your Bisping/Leben thread, you give someone this as a response when they suggest the Bisping Franklin fight.


mmasupporter - bisping would kill ace.imo but leben would be a good match

Uhhhhhhh.......... Stop. Right now.

Bisping looked good but, there is no way people can put him on the same level right now as Rich, Anderson, Marquardt, Henderson, Okami, etc.

Leben would be a good test for him right now. If he gets by Leben then maybe we could see him fight a step up in competition."

Now in this thread, you are suggesting the same match?

I seriously doubt Quarry and Leben would agree to fight each other, unless it was up for a Championship bout.