IF Islam BUMachev is as good as he thinks WHY doesnt he PROVE it vs Dariush & EARN a shot at gOatLIVERIA

hes got to mix it up a little .Same meltdowns same fighter worship same multi thread starters If not same they long lost brothers

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Than think im full of shit! Why does it matter to you. Youre so emotionally invested in my life. Would it trigger you to know that I personally knew Conor and know Canelo, while you will forever remain a loser on the UG. It really doesnt matter to me what anonymous old nutjobs on the UG think either. Imagine if I cared lol. If you phaggots found out who I actually was you would be acting like ass kissing phaggot groupies

I want to hide who I am on here. Ive learned how sick you internet trolls are. If I wanted to come out I would.

firstly the forum has knwn my name 22 years Worst that happened is Tapelord got my phone number and gave away Pride results.Secondly just post 2 pictures One with you and Canelo and one with McGregor You dont have to give your name Oh let me guess ur so famous we would recognize u LMAO Not 1 person here believes ur claim U make a bold claim Back it up or stfu

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spoken exactly like Jack same insults same everything

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and i remember u making thread after thread about Khamzat One even said come ttt this thread after the Burns fight…then u turn on him after 1 tough fight .

paid u ? lmao

Is this the same story you told your doctor after he gave you your pills from whatever mental institution you’re posting from?

How’s the wi-fi?

Besides calling you old, our posting styles are nothing alike… soggy old bastard.

Here we go with the forum join date bragging again. As if that means anything. :roll_eyes:

Is this an official troll-battle thread?

Bill Hader Popcorn GIF by Saturday Night Live


here we go again stalker

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exactly the same especially your multi thread worshiping of fighters

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Winston is slaying the trolls. I like it!

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Yep, i stalk you and you just keep running away and trying to ignore me…

I’M LITERALLY YOUR FAVORITE POSTER! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

yes just like this thread I only post when u have some snarky ass comment towards me Just as in this thread .Shows how much u stalk and its every single time >I never adress unless u do first like on this thread U stalk so much ur in my profile snooping

thinking of changing name to Troll Slayer but have too much clout with Winston

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Snarky. You sound like a woman. Lol

Is there a worse poster on this forum than you?

All this retard does is follow people around who destroy him in arguments and call them trolls.

You did go into his profile and look up his details, that’s kinda stalker-ish.

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