If Israel can't handle Hamas Rockets just wait to see what HEZBOLLAH has on offer

Although the numbers are unclear its becoming very clear the limited number of Hamas rockets are getting through and doing legit damage. we’ll get a clearer picture in the coming days. And thats without Iron Dome reaching overload being overwhelmed by numbers which is when everything gets through.

Hezbollah arsenal the rumor is 170K missiles and rockets, many of them precision guided, (just in Lebanon portion of the shia crestent alone). Syria would have many already and are stockpiling as we speak. Iraq shia, Houthis and of course Iran itself.

The shear volume of rockets the shia cresent can bring to bear on Israel is simply astonishing. “Take em back to the stone age” is coming to Israel. If the Iron dome can’t handle a few rockets Hamas made in a few back yards and car garages.

Well…good luck guys. The days of Israel being shielded from consequences of its actions are over I’m afraid. quite the whirlwind they are going to reap. good luck.


I don’t think anyone has ever been under the impression that Israel’s Iron Dome defense system was going to stop all the incoming rockets… The point is, it stopped most of them.


Lmao @ Thinking Israel is the problem.

Hezbollah is literally an international terror ring running palestine. But yeah, little old Israel the problem.


Israel has intercepted more than 90% of over 300 rockets thus far. That’s a pretty good rate


its stopping a percentage of them… the percentage I’m hearing is not impressive at all. more info in the coming days. if they are having trouble with hamas, wait till the big boys come out to play.

btw the new rumor is the radar from iron dome is giving the iron dome IDF soldier techs cancer, lawsuits in the works on that front. good luck boys

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Israel really should change its motto to fuck around and find out


cat holes GIF


Koryp go check out Israel’s track record with Lebanon and Hezbollah specifically the video above I posted.

Israel has fucked around and found out in Lebanon repeatedly 2000 and 2006

TFK the world see Israel as the terrorist.


The world is generally very stupid as can be proven by your posts.


Isaac average Israeli IQ = 94

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Don’t bother. Dude’s shtick is to be an anti Semitic douche.


wylong why not go through the above video on Israel’s faceplant in Lebanon in 2006 rather then slander anyone who questions your ridiculous storylines.

And biden as a strong leader. Lmao.


tfk oh you mean the al queda the CIA/mossad is funding in syria? that al queda?

double dealing con artists the idea you have the moral high ground lol


I saw a video of their missile defense going off and it looks like it was working overtime.

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Did you accidentally drink decaf today?

So Israel is going to let the terrorists launch all their rockets with no response? They’ll just bend over and take it? Interdasting.

the US military thinks so much of the Iron Dome they have given it up sent the shit back to Israel.

Deciding to go with patriots. Patriots have a brutal track record historically especially against the Houthis recently. so thats a sad statement.

the old saying “likes to talk about what happened to him, not WHY it happened to him”

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