If it came down to it and you were forced to vax, which one?

If you had to get jabbed which one would you get?

All of them in one needle.


I did extensive research and opted for Pfizer, but I think the variance between them is so minimal any of them being distributed in the US are equally safe. At this point in time if you are not vaccinated you are just rolling the dice. It’s not about trusting the government. It’s not about trusting science. The delta variant risk is real and it’s killing almost entirely unvaccinated people.

The chance of one of these vaccines having an undetected negative side effect is so abysmally small compared to the risk of catching a deadly variant and dying at any age.

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The one labled “162-grain”.


Original Covid killed only unvaccinated people as well and nobody has even claimed that the Delta variant is more deadly, just more contagious, so the same people who survived covid have a reasonable expectation to survive the variant, even if they didnt have any antibodies or if the antibodies arent the same. I dont see why anyone thinks there is increased risk of hospitalization or death with the new variant and no vax.


Which are the ones that aren’t dna ones?

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Chill out with the fear porn brother.


It’s less dangerous

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Lol exactly. I’m already on the super-mega-Uber-Omega-Decepticon variant.


They all are mRNA or DNA vector vaccines. There is a traditional vaccine (Covaxin I believe is the name) but it isn’t under the EUA in the US so it’s not available here yet.

If I was forced to get one, I’d prefer the traditional one (if/when available). If I had to get one of the 3 currently available, I’d get J&J simply because it’s only one dose.

As of now, I don’t plan on getting any of them.


That’s relative. It’s more contagious and slightly less deadly. I didn’t say it was more dangerous by the way, I just said it’s killing unvaccinated people. The fact that it is so contagious makes it risky if you are unvaccinated.

Interesting take. I had Covid. The symptoms were not even half as bad as last time I had food poisoning. The whole “rolling the dice” thing is complete bullshit unless you’re over 75, very sickly or obese, but you do you.

Meanwhile, children who have nearly ZERO risk of dying from Covid are being forced/manipulated in to getting the shot by their coward/virtue signaling parents and many are paying the price.

I wouldn’t take this “vaccine” under any circumstances. If I “had” to take one, I would wait until a safer one was developed as I’ve heard is happening.


I heard something like 70% less deadly if contracted. So if you have low risk already it’s even less. I understand it spreads more easily but cases seem to be going down and we seem to be approaching herd immunity. That wasn’t really the question though. It was which is the least dangerous vaccine?

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Johnson & Johnson is the least experimental technology but also the least effective vaccine. So it’s a hard question to answer. I don’t think mrna tech is a risk but it’s honestly not my field.

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The bright side is that liberals are sterilizing their kids with this shit. No fucking way Im taking a non-FDA approved drug that I cant sue for side effects or my death on behalf of my family over. Ive already had covid at least once and possibly just recently the variant.


I already had it and chose the J&J vaccine (only one shot and not an mRNA vaccine). If I had the option to wait longer maybe the Novax.


I was ground zero in NYC and watched it kill teens, highly fit 20 year olds with no comorbidities. It was a very low rate of death … but would you eat a skittle out of a bowl if 1 in 10,000 skittles were deadly? Probably not. Statistically speaking I see no rationale in taking first time hang gliding type risks if I don’t need to.


In reality unvaccinated conservatives are dying at a very high rate right now, and that is fact.

The hilarious thing about your post is that you are serious.