If it weren't for the innocent baby she was carrying, I'd say she got what she deserved

Pregnant Florida woman killed after hitting motorcyclist with her car: police (yahoo.com)

Crazy lady.

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Derrrrr is correct.

Official story sounds very suspect.


Here is someone’s facebook comment about it. Not sure how accurate it is.


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Found the libtard…


Found the POS who thinks its okay to shoot a pregnant lady because she fled from the scene of an accident when armed bikers threatened her.

I think conservatives were pro life, don’t you care about the murder of this unborn baby?

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Are you telling me you wouldn’t fear for your life if you’re followed by an armed biker? (Was it his biker friends who followed her as well?) Especially being a pregnant woman.

The story says she hit his motorcycle with her car on purpose and then fled. If that’s accurate, then it’s fair that he/they followed her.

We will see what details emerge.


If I’m a pregnant woman I don’t intentionally hit a motorcycle with my car. Need to avoid conflict and de-escalate.


Lots of details have emerged… she didn’t just hit him with her car… he was following her and yelling at her from his bike, she swerved into him… he was uninjured and his bike and her car were not damaged…

Yeah true but still he escalated the situation as well.

He shot her at least 6 times, potentially up to 8 times… she never fired a single shot. On the 911 call you can hear her say 3 men followed her and were intimidating her.

Renato Cocopreta tried telling you guys, fuck around and the dog will shit you and you will blow away. He sent her to the big library in the sky.

Read the story dipshit. She pulled her gun first and lost…good riddance to another piece of shit.


The motorcyclist had a CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT. How would she know they’re armed? Dumb ass…

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Maybe you should read some of the fucking details… this guy has prior road rage incident where he pulled a gun on a 70+ year old… for fucks sakes.

I will bump this thread when this asshole is eventually charged and I expect an apology.

Liberals lying as usual. I’m sure she told 911 that they followed me after I hit one of them with me my car.

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When are we going to hear from the leftist hive minded ricky retsrdo’s that he should have defended himself with his fist. He had no right to have a gun because guns are scary tools of death…

They flip flop more then a chef working the grill at your local mcdicks.

If she was on her property and felt threatened irregardless of what happened previously. I would assume she had a right to brandish a firearm in that specific situation.

I’ll just wait until all the details have been made public before passing judgement. Way to many variables to make a well informed opinion on this matter.

They could have called the cops to come deal with her shitshow.

Guy at costco gas was taking forever - his gas was already filled up yet he was just sitting in the truck thinking it was still automatically pumping. Guy in front of him left so I simply moved to the tank in front of this guy to start filling up. Guy starts blasting on the horn. Opens the window and starts yelling and swearing. Even though this idiot could have simply just pulled out I moved my car up a comical amount so he could have 10 times the space he needed.

It’s just never worth it. I had my wife and son in the car. I’ve been training BJJ for 10 years. Sure I could have easily choked the shit out of this guy or started yelling how he’s an idiot and he can simply realize that his tank is already filled up and pull around me. But he could also stab me or shoot me to death. Life is full of difficult decisions of when to intervene, when to speak up, and when to ignore people and smile at them. Whenever it’s a road rage incident it’s virtually ALWAYS a good idea to ignore the person. Am I willing to lose my life or go to jail or ruin my entire day over someone I don’t even know? No. I have much bigger problems to deal with in my life than some random person in a vehicle I’ll never see again in my life.