If JDS beats Brock, what's your top 10 HW list?

Right now I have it:

1. Cain Velasquez
2. Fabricio Werdum
3. Fedor Emelianenko
4. Brock Lesnar
5. Junior Dos Santos
6. Shane Carwin
7. Frank Mir
8. Alistair Overeem
9. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
10. Antonio Silva

If JDS beats Brock, I would reorganize as follows:

1. Cain Velasquez
2. Junior Dos Santos
3. Fabricio Werdum
4. Fedor Emelianenko
5. Alistair Overeem
6. Brock Lesnar
7. Shane Carwin
8. Frank Mir
9. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
10. Antonio Silva

Brock should be no where near top 10 if he gets beat by JDS early. Sorry but being 5-3 while getting destroyed and turtling in your last 3 fights shouldn't keep you in the top 10. I can't wait for all this Brock hype to end, he can't even take a punch to the face without running away Phone Post

I'm sorry but how does jDS pass Fedor and Werdum after betting brock? Also I would drop Brock out of the top 10. Even behind Carwin despite brocks win over him. He beat a small Randy, went 1-1 with mir, and barely beat carwin. I think jDS will dismantle Brock like Cain did and no way Brock stays top 10 after 2 losses like that Phone Post