If Jesus Had Died by Pear Up ASS

If Jesus had one of those metal pears shoved up his ass and then they expanded the pear until his bowels exploded...

Would the sign of Christianity be an Ass Pear?

Just curious.

Jinx, I wonder how you come up with this shit, brother.

Always good for a laugh.

i think the true "image" of his sacrifice still would be his anguised face and the crown of thorns

......scurries off to read therev's threads....

^true story^

lol @ jinx

TTT for an ass pear necklace.

wtf what if?


Actually quite insightful. The bible is
contrdictory and Catholics/Christians that wear
a cross, and even worse jesus hanging on it are
breaking god's rule of no graven images.

By wearing a crucifix, you are promoting torture
by drawing attention to it and not the good
stuff he has done.

All religions are the handy work of sinister
intentions - to manipulate, seperate, and degrade
the human experiance. In my opinion of course.

Can you get one of those pears on Amazon? I am pretty sure I could defeat it.