If K-1 FEG keeps making cards.....

like it's upcoming "ROMANEX" event. It will quickly take over the MMA market in my opinion. K-1's first Fighting Entertainment Group (FEG) event, called "K-1 Brazil - New Stars" which took place on November 27, 2003 in Curitiba, Brazil was a success as well.



k-1 is number one in japan.

Both K-1/FEG and Pride FC/DSE will be venturing into Korea this summer.

Pride/DSE will work in conjunctino with DEEP, to put on an MMA card that will go over a two day period at the end of June.

K-1/FEG is doing their own card at the end of July.

Both shows are going to be shown live in Japan.

Why is this of note ? because Korea is known for their very big gates at sporting events. Fans of just about all sports in Korea, pack the houses to the max. Big $$$$$ for the promoters, and hopefully in turn, the fighters.

A few years back, Inoki put on the first wrestling card there that drew insane figures.


Don't forget K-1 has been on ESPN II at least once a week(it seems), now they will be bringing MMA matches as well. This can only help the sport, big time.


Hollywood Blonde,

Blue Wolf didn't fight Sapp. His brother, Dolgorsuren Sumiyabazar did. Blue Wolf's name is Dolgorsuren Serjbudee.