if kidd's on the trading block...

the rox need him more than anyone. I think their lack of a real PG is killing them.

oh, and van gundy needs a flo-bee for xmas.


Who would the rockets trade?

Jersey wants 3 things.

1) young studs

2) expiring contracts

3) draft picks

Bad move. Van Gundy is half court offense man and Kidd is TERRIBLE unless in transition.

that's a good point. mcgrady is probably the only guy who'd be able to run with kidd anyway.

well, the rox need SOME PG, at least an upgrade from what they have now.


Memphis has been mentioned lately.

JWill, Wright, and Wells

for Kidd and Mourning

It makes sense for the Grizz and Jersey to work out a deal.

Im a Net fan and I hope they trade Kidd who IMO is a primadonna But I want fair value Not no Andre Miller and Nene as rumored

Andre Miller and Nene would probably be a good deal. The change of scenery would do them good.

"But I want fair value Not no Andre Miller and Nene as rumored"

How about Damon Stoudamire? lol

Isnt andre miller getting payed around 12 million this season?

Winston, remember when you insisted Kidd wouldnt be back til January/February the earliest, and I told you he'd be back in early December???