If Lebron was 5’10” and average athleticism

How far would he have made it in basketball?

  • NBA All Star
  • Average NBA player
  • D1
  • D2
  • Good high schooler
  • JV scrub

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This is dumb. There is not a single person that is average athleticism 5’10” playing beyond high school


OP is basically saying “what if Lebron wasn’t Labron. Would he still be Lebron?”


If my aunt had a dick…


He’d probably be in prison today… he was raised by a selfish single mom.



This thread takes me back to the 90s, when people had the same arguments about Shaq. Durrrr, Shaq would suck if he was foot shorter. Durrr, Shaq is only good because he 300 lbs. If he was a 98 pound weakling, he’d be bagging groceries.

Except in this instance, it’s even dumber. Say what you will about Lebron, but he is one of the most versatile and skilled players in the league. He’s among the best passers in the league, has one of the highest basketball IQs, can handle the ball, is an above-average shooter, has excellent touch around the hoop, can finish through contact, etc. and has a prodigious work ethic that allowed him to stay motivated and continue to improve his skills year after year rather than resting on his laurels.

The only way Lebron would NOT have been successful in the NBA was if he was under 6’ and a shit athlete, which is why the question was asked. The OP was looking for some way, any way, to declare Lebron was a worthless piece of shit and this was his solution.

If Lebron was a white guy from rural Indiana who couldn’t jump over a phone book, he’d be described as a gritty gutty gym rat who plays like a coach on the floor, but since he’s an athletic marvel who is built like a defensive end, he’s just a dumb black guy who only succeeds because he runs fast, jumps high, and bulls his way through traffic.


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He has a prodigous work ethic art something he was rewarded for prodigously from a young age, and tends to quit on one level or another when challenged. Odds are he mentally breaks playing against bigger more athletic guys in high school some time his sophomore or junior year when he can’t constantly “be the man”, never gets into college with his academics, and ends up getting a regular guy job.

LOL at 74% of the responses predicting short slow Lebron couldn’t even play college ball.

Absolute WORST case scenario, he would be a Bobby Hurley type college star. He just too skilled to not succeed in the college game. He’d might have washed out in the pros (like Hurley did), but it wouldn’t be inconceivable for him to turn into a Scott Skiles type.

You’re making a lot of assumptions. He didn’t build those skills under the kind of adversity an average man would face. Most men fold under those circumstances, and he hasn’t shown more than average willpower when faced with adversity.

He quits? When he was down 3-1 to the warriors in the finals that was quitting?

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I’M the one making assumptions?

We are already assuming he’s short and slow. Now you think it’s unfair to assume his skills stay the same? Sure, let’s keep defining his abilities down, down, down until he has no height/size, no athleticism, and no skills. Let’s also give him no work ethic and no competitive drive while we are at it. Heck, let’s give him a club foot and a lop off a couple of fingers in a childhood fireworks accident too. That might give people the 100% poll results they are looking for.

The skills were a product of environment where he extensively nurtured because of his immense gifts. There is not a one in a thousand chance he would have access to the level of mentoring that gave him those skills. He would need the dedication to get up early and run a morning paper route or something to pay for elite basketball camps all over the place to have the same skills. I don’t know if he has that in him.

Lol @ how angry some of you weirdos are over a silly “what if” question

After being down 3 -1, Lebron led Cavaliers won the next 3 games to become the first team in Finals history to successfully overcome a 3 -1 deficit. It also marked the first time since 1978 that Game 7 was won by the road team.

Not only did Lebron not quit, he preserved the victory with that incredible chase down block shot on Andre Iguodala. Most players would have quit on chasing down that breakaway, but not Lebron. You don’t become arguably the greatest player in NBA history by being a quitter.

BTW, the reason no team had ever successfully overcome a 3 -1 in NBA Finals history prior to Lebron’s Cavs, is because most players, the team and even the coaching staff usually quits to what appears to be an inevitable defeat. You except that you are playing a better, more talented team. But Lebron wouldn’t quit. He wouldn’t let his teammates or his coaching staff quit.

Probably the greatest sports comeback ever and Gannon is calling him a quitter, what a joke

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genetics matter more in bball than any other sport imo

there is a reason why the NBA has the most father son athletes out of all pro sports

even the slowest people in the NBA can run circles around any non-pro player … look at scalabrine

He could never be Scott Skiles. Skiles has more illegitimate children than all of Ferguson, MO. He’s a cool guy, though, designed his pool area for him a few years ago.

To stay on topic, Lebron would be an overseas star.

For a very large man.

His skills compared to good point guards is still laughable.

LeBron has no jukes or creativity off the bounce.

He can’t and could never handle like Kyrie or Steph or Harden.

Having to foul bron because of the strength he carries is what creates his space.
To people that handle, he has always been stiff off the dribble