If lesbians drive Subaru Foresters what do..

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Jeeps for sure...


am I gay?!

It's only gay if you lick their butt.

Any Honda with matching rims

Brown Probes 

If youre still in the closet, a VW product.

I love my 05 Forester, reliable, rugged , and great in the snow. 

Funny, I only heard of the cliche about Lesbians and Subarus a few months ago. My sister is a lesbian, lives with her partner. When I read a jokey thread on it, not being a car guy, I asked my wife “Do you remember what car my Lesbian sister drives?” My wife: Yes, a Subaru.

Guess it’s true.

The only real answer is Mazda Miata

Lesbians drive whatever projects toughness. Subaru, Jeep, etc