If Lindland comes back to UFC?

Who would you want to see him fight first?

I would like to see them put Matt in the cage with Rich Franklin. Many people called Rich a paper champ when he held the belt. This fight could give him credibility and ups Franklin's stock.

On the other hand if Linland wins, he is in title shot contention in the UFC. Plus Lindland has recently made some comments about Franklin that weren't the nicest comments

Styles make fights and I think this would be an entertaining fight

I think it'd be a good fight. Don't care about the political/ranking implications. But I think it'd be an interesting matchup.

Is there going to be a wheelchair division? He's fighting Fedor.

Franklin v Lindland is a good fight. Not amazing, but definitely not bad.

..."I'd like to see Lindland and Filho both in the ufc. they would tear through the current champ + contenders."

Yeah man, that would be awesome.

If I remember correctly ( and I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong)

Lindland said that Franklin's wrestling isn't very good and he isn't very good on the ground and something to the extent that he doesn't know if rich is actually a good fighter

I'd like to see him fight whoever is the current UFC MW champ at the time.

And Lindland-Fedor is actually a pretty decent match-up.  Lindland is a tough, scrappy guy with elite-level wrestling skills.  He is constantly underestimated due to his looks and appearance of awkwardness. But he keeps winning.  I thought he won the fight with Rampage, and I think he'll give Fedor a good fight.

If Matt beats Fedor, I'm not sure the UFC could pay him the amount of money he would want.

BLAF, IMO Frankilin could take Lindland, I just think a lot of people would like to see the fight and I agree with you he does not have to beat lindland to up his credibility but you can't deny that beating lingland would improve his credibility

p.s. MMA math doesn't usually work