if lindland fought busta again?

Who do you think would win the 2nd time around

He was schooled so bad in that fight..Was pretty much dominated in the clinch also.

I think he would definitely do better.he is a MUCH beter fighter now..Busta however is not teh same fighter he was back then.

BUSTA by brutal ghetto style pistol whipping and face stomps!!!

WHOHA! WHOHA! I got you all in check!!

Lindland.. And I'm a big Bustamante fan but Lindland has improved so much since then..

!!!Bustamante!!!... How dare all of you.....

Bustamante had a bad year but this is a man who a lot of people feel actually won the fights against Chuck Liddell and Rampage. Lindland couldn't beat Rampage with his new skills and he could not take on Chuck. Right now Lindland might win because Busta I think is losing some of his greatness with age but todays Lindland vs Busta of a few years ago would have been a great match to see with Busta winning, maybe just by a JD.

Busta would tap his ass 2 times again in the same fight... sneaky

I think a lot of people think that Lindland won against Rampage. Looked a closer fight than Busta-Rampage to me. I think Lindland would beat Busta today.


I think Lindland would take it.