If Machida and Fedor were Americans,...

they would each have at least three loses by now. Here me out before you start bitching.

In America, we grow up watching fantasy bullcrap (ie Hollywood movies) and being brainwashed to believe that we are entitled to one day have a large house, a nice car, a beautiful family, and be happy all of the time. So 90% of us go into our 20s and 30s living in apartments and trailers, having a 1998 Dodge, a selfish girlfriend, and anger issues.

In Brazil and Russia, they grow up poor and do not have the fantasy bullcrap to brainwash them. They do not have Starbucks $4 cups of coffee; they have coffee for 35 cents a cup at their restaurants. They don't have Outback Steakhouses to take their girlfriends; rather, they pick activities like soccer, jiu-jitsu, sambo, and kickboxing. No one tries to one-up their neighbors, and living in a small apartment with a close-knit family suits them just fine.

Now here is where I incorporate mixed martial arts into the scenario. We, as Americans, have just as much fighting skills as any other nation on earth. We have so many damn amazing MMA schools in our no name towns that it's un-freaking believable. Some of the guys on this web site (yes, you), if given the proper opportunity, can be a UFC/Dream/WEC/Affliction champion. However, when someone gets to the level of, let's say Chuck Lidell, Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans, Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir, et cetera, they start to lose. Fame gets to their head. They begin to hang around Hollywood "stars" (who may have talent, but have no better talent than you and I--but just are "luckier" in life). They train less. They want "The American Dream." Brazilians and Russians, on the other hand, don't have a sense of entitlement or "The Brazilian Dream" because in their respected countries, they're satisfied with what they have. They have no sense of shame that they are 40 years old living in a small apartment. They don't need to be flashy and one up their neighbors. Their girls don't need manicures and diamonds and the men don't put up with their selfish behaviors just to have good sex. Heck, I don't even have to google it to know that the divorce rate in Brazil and Russia is much less than America because, not to generalize, but for the most part, their women are less maintenance and support their men unconditionally, whether they live in a studio apartment or Bel Air California.

Fellow Americans, I love you all. It's just that we need a Fedor or Machida to call our own and will only get one when we, as a country, become less selfish and concentrate on our basic needs (a warm place to stay, food, love, hope) and not focus on fourtune and fame.


Well I do have to agree that being spoon fed from birth does hinder one's motive to achieve greatness. I think the problem with America (depending on how you look at it) is that they tolerate failure much more than other countries. How many times have I heard "it's okay, you tried your best".

It doesn't make sense. So you're saying they should be satisfied with their losses. What does no losses have to do with basic needs?

LesnarPWNSNog - Lol what a waste of time.

Them: Superb athletes with a great understanding of combat

You: Obvious failure with ladies

Yes, lately, I have been a failure with the ladies. Hopefully that will change. It's just that I think men AND women have a sense of entitlement in this country. what the heck is wrong with living in a small apartment? But heck, since I'm American, I have to shoot for a house with a picket fence. Hopefully Brock will be on top for a long time. But how is this a waste of time. Don't you agree with any aspect of my post? Don't you see that these Brazilians are taking over MMA? I love Brazil, Russia, Japan, China, et cetera, but we need more Americans to be like Fedor and Machida. They don't let success get to their heads.

"I'm nearly 100% it's a mental edge they have over their opponent. Notice how calm Machida and Fedor are when fighting?"

You bring up a good point!


NarlyPersianDude - I think this post makes no sense. Machida and Fedor wining have nothing to do with their not being american. It has everything to do with the supernatural ability and focus.

For every Fedor there is, there are 10 russians who cant do what he does.

For every Machida, there 30 Wandy's who fight stupid and with blind aggression and pay for it.

Sgt you make a lot of great posts and I respect you. But with this one I 101% disagree with you. Really.

Thanks NarlyPersianDude, and I like your posts too. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

so if they were Americans they would suck

well I kind of agree with you

BaddKarma - I'm a soviet and I have to respectfully disagree,

People are the same everywhere, forget about the "Ivan Drago type of Russia" cheating is very high in Russia, women are equally sluts, there even was a tv show where a man went into a rural Russia to find a wife because 90% of women in Moscow are sluts. You should see a Russian version of "Cheaters". There are like a billion series of it.

Didn't Fedor divorce his first wife?

What about Wanderlei Silva? and many others, they have huge houses, and other shit, Wandy drives an Aston.

What about Arlovski? he fucking got Americanized more than Americans.

Then what about guys like Lesnar? American, who has a huge land but lives a simple life, drive a simple "red rocket".... not 1upping anybody.

People are the same everywhere, 1upping each other, jealous of each other, cheating on each other, the same.

It's Machida and Fedor that are "special" and dedicated, just look at Alexander, Fedor's brother grew up in the same family... the moment he started making some money and found some success, it all went into his head and he fucked it all up.

The same with Vitor when he burst into the scene, before his fight with Randy, he was fucking Joana for 3 weeks non-spot and didn't train.

What I would say though is that Russians/Soviets are more simple people, and have a bit of a different mentality. That simplicity can be a good thing but it also can be considered "cheap" and having no self respect... i.e. when an American construction worker is drinking a tea in the rain, Russian will go outside and work... and subsequently fuck it up for the American aswell.. because the boss will fire the American and then everyoen will have to work in the rain from then on. But I think that's more of a communistic influence, always achieving more and doing more, THIS type of things is where soviets usually try to 1up each other. btw I'm not of the communist era, so you won't kick my ass out in the rain.


"Americans likes to Party and Bang a Lot and it sucked all their energy on the next day(even Randy Couture cant get away from those things) and they become more irritable due to stress, that explain why US team in TUF are acting like Brats..while Asians,Russians and Brazilians are more moderate when it comes to those things "

Thanks guys for your awesome perspectives! It's awesome seeing what people think based on their own life experiences.

After reading my post, I apologize if I sounded harsh to women. I'm bitter grapes based on my last few relationships, and there are many awesome American women I love and I love all Americans (and I love people from all countries). We just need more Machida's and Fedor's in America, and that's the bottom line.

Brock Lesnar drives a first generation Chevy Aveo, which is a rebadged Daewoo and thus doesn't have the distractions that go with Wand's Aston and Chuck's Modena. Imagine all three of them get into car accidents a week before their bouts, none were injured, but their cars are wrecked, but not toatled. Which one will be least distracted by the accident?

This, coupled with his relative seclusion in Minnesota, draws many parallels with Fedor and Machida's experiences in Russa and Brasil. By simplifying their lives and not having to spend crazy money to justify their self worth, they allow themselves to focus more on their training and personal enjoyment of life (Fedor crusing around in his Camry with his boys, and Brock maxing with Sable and hunting wildlife). This can be done anywhere in the world, but is harder to do in US in Las Vegas.

I think TS, your concept is correct, but the generalization to this being a cultural phenomena may be too much.

I think we should be able to see pretty soon whether or not the fame goes to Machida's head, Brock let it happen in his WWE career and learned from his mistake, hopefully Machida follows in Fedor's footsteps and stays humble.

 this ghetto theory is why krazy horse has never lost


and dmx is undefeated in mma!