If MATT HUGHES wins against Royce.

... I predict an influx of wrestlers flooding martial arts schools to come and fight BJJ stylists!

I cannot wait for this fight!WHO DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO WIN????


Why Matt Hughes might win:

-He is an amazing wrestler and is much better all around than Royce

It is almost a given that Hughes will win. The odds started off with him being a 4-1 favorite.

Matt doesn't even need to take this fight to the ground and I doubt Royce can take it down unless he pulls guard, in which case, I hope Matt slams him through the Earth's crust.

I hope it is NOT a one sided fight. I would like to see Royce win, although
I don't think it is going to happen.

i am all for royce i think if he dosent get ko ed he will sub him near the end of the first round