If Nate loses to Melvin...

you think he's gonna get dropped?

nah I dont think so

he is a good fighter. Give him some more fights and let him develop.

no, they would not let strike force get him.

no, they would not let strike force get him.

No way he gets dropped IMO.

that'd be three straight. i think he loses by decision again he won't, but if melvin brutally knocks him out he might. he should be kept though.

vs. Danzig if so I reckon

put your money on melvin...

Nate is not losing to Melvin unless the fight ends in the first 30 seconds.

If Nate loses to a guy like Melvin Guillard then he shouldn't even be in the ufc, plus that would be 3 loses in a row.

He shouldn't lose to Guillard anyhow, Nates solid.

Nate needs to get Guillard to the ground quick, if he tries to stand he's gona get ko'd/tko'd, Im actually picking Melvin to win but Nates tough and his ground game is sick so it obviously wont be a suprise if he gets the submission.

Nate via sub.

Guiltard will tap to one of Nates silly submissions...