If new forum went to old forum I think I would be pissed

There’s a lot of convenience of the new format. Ya it took some time to get used to but I don’t even remember the old one now.

Badge system is awesome, it’s a lot easier to track threads with a single notification panel now, inserting GIFs/images are so much better now, forum overall seems to be snappier and loads quicker.

Probably more stuff but just off the top of my head.

So thank you Kirik and the rest of the admin team - this place has still stayed true to it’s roots and you’ve only made it more accommodating for new people to come in.


I’m just glad the shit works. Quoting and pages are my biggest issues and they’re small issues compared to “thread has been deleted” among other forum wide failures of the past.

I like easily posting a photo or video and also ease of quoting posts. Never liked how on the old forum you had to learn to write code to be able to post any sort of image.

So yeah, 100% agree with OP

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I’m super happy now that the android app is back and improved. I may spend more time here now that I can see who started which threads.

Desktop view on Android mobile app is the best view

What’s the big deal with the badge system ? I got lots… still an OG faggot… no Faggoon…

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You are most welcome, but Chris deserves near all credit for new forum.

I’m fine with either one. In general I don’t like the GIFication of everything. Though I am guilty of using a GIF here or there. It’s annoying when your friends who are damn near 40 are texting you in gifs, I was hoping the OG wouldn’t turn into that too.

Thank you @Chris

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But you’re saying not ALL of it, right? You’re reserving some credit for yourself, is that correct?

I pronounce it “jif.” How does that make you feel?


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Agreed. The new forum is immeasurably better than the previous. The quoting is a little weird. Thats literally my only semi complaint. Seriously, very well done Chris, Kirik, and other involved Top Men. It’s great having modern forum software and the roll out was incredibly smooth with far fewer snags than I anticipated.

Atleast on the old forum you could see what faggot created the topic and the reply button worked. Now it’s just a jumbled mess of posts with no context who they are replying too!

Frames never die!



I know it’s a learning curve, but it’s not that complex once you figure it out.

The only credit Kirik deserves is agreeing with me.


Well what are you doing to fix it as long threads are unreadable with nobody using the quote bubble!