If Penn loses.......

what is next for him?? He would be 0-3 since his return to the UFC.GSP,Hughes and Jens. Not to mention he lost to Jens team on TUF."and ping pong" Also on tuff he was spouting off about being the best mma fighter ever after retiering jens. But what if he loses?? Is he gone from the UFC to put some wins together??Is he prelim bound for awhile?? How devestating would it be for his career?? Just want your opinions.

p.s. WAR JENS Favorite fighter of all time

Everyone on here will still say hes the best fighter ever.

The rule is, 3 in a row and the shows over.

Scary. Man if Jens pulls out a win here, I will be blown away.

I wonder if people will start calling him the next Vitor.

he would wipe the floor with anyone but the top guys, he just doesnt take easy fights

i'll be happy because i'm a big jens fan.

"rematch Hughes or GSP @ middleweight"

wouldn't that be interesting!

The interesting thing about BJ Penn is that it doesn't matter if he wins or loses. His fans still think he is unbeatable. There is an excuse for every loss. His nut huggers are a tenacious bunch and will buy every pay per view he is on regardless.

I think they should pull a cro cop. By this I mean give him some easy fights to get people excited again before he starts getting rematches with the top guys.

B.J. "THe Enigma" Penn

i'm not that big of a BJ penn fan but I think he gets hated on these days as much as he is loved. I've heard the whole "excuses" thing (see a couple of posts above) but if you really watch his fights I really don't see any excuses. I mean an injury is not really an excuse...it's a fact and an valid explanation--I mean he went from totally outclassing Hughes to barely moving like a zombie and getting owned...it was pretty clear something was not right. Against GSP he just gassed and it could easily be argued that he won the fight under like Pride rules or something..and even if not..he beat up GSP, eye poke or not, and GSP really did nothing to him at all. Against Machida he just got out pointed by the bigger, more physical fighter. I mean every time I see someone post "bbb..bbbbut he's 1-3 in his last 4 fights!" it's kind of misleading. It's not like he got KO/TKOd like Jens. The haters can whine all they want but his losses are pretty forgivable. That said, he is definitely overrated. People talk about him like he's a god but its pretty clear he is not the most consistent and he has motivation issues. I do kind of like him just because he has dedicated so much of himself to the sport. I'd rather see him win then Jens just because I'd rather see him fight more then Jens.

I like Jens, but BJ has pulled away from him as far as skill level.

^ Agreed. Almost a mismatch now, but it's still a good match because of the history.

LOL. He lost two the two arguably best, most well rounded and dominant champions in the world, and he is a 155er. Yeah he sucks.

No one is saying it is or isn't a mismatch. They are just wondering what happens if BJ loses to Jens. It can happen.

I say that if he loses to Jens, then Jens' status skyrockets. No doubt that the UFC would still hang on to BJ. They just spent all this time hyping him with a TUF spot, so they are not going to drop him despite 3 losses. But would BJ want to stick around and fight back into title contention again?

Also, the standard UFC contract gives Zuffa the option to cancel a contract after only TWO losses, not three. They don't always drop the fighter, but I have little doubt that they renegotiate the contract. Baroni was allowed to lose 4 straight so the "3 and out" thing is just people guessing.

you mean WHEN Penn loses.



penn will not lose to Jens next week

"BJ definitely clipped GSP with a nice uppercut which caused some wicked bloodflow and probably affected GSP's performance by restricting his breathing, then he did absolutely nothing else for the other 4 minutes and 59 seconds."

Very true, but you mean he did nothing else for 14 minutes and 59 seconds. GSP said the shot to the nose made his eyes water more than it did anything else. That is why he kept the rest of the fight tight.

It's obvious how BJ scores fights. Look at Diaz vs. Maynard. BJ scored round one for Maynard 10-8 even though the only thing Maynard really did was give Diaz that cut. Diaz was landing shots and firing off sub attempts non-stop. It was clearly Diaz' round.

Pious Devil...
you my friend have obviously never been around BJ prior to his days as a pro fighter..
where do you think BJ and most of the local fighters got their start?
the streets. :)