If Pride does the Gracies wrong.

Why do they always fight for them?

I always read about how Pride is biased, does the Gracies wrong etc. meanwhile the Gracies are the only ones that get to change rules and they have made more money from pride than anyone else I would think.

I have little doubt that they gave Rickson and Royce huge paydays by MMA standards to fight someone of Takadas likes.

So why the hate towards Pride? Pride seems to be the best thing that has happened to them in the last 6- 7 years other than Luke of course.

If Pride does the Gracie wrong Gracies will retaliate by humiliating their Japanese hero champion in a fight.


Im serious. It always seems like they feel they are being done wrong by Pride.

I am too.

And they are correct.

They are correct about what?

The Gracies must get paid good enough to put up with it, simple as that.

Pride is biased

"Pride is biased"

Please explain this comment.


Even a huge fan like LiquidTech agrees that the Gracies feel this way.

I'm merely curious why.

relax and happy new year

Pride is heavily biased in favor of the Gracies and Brazilians in general. They always exaggerate their records, e.g, still announcing Rickson's record as 400-0, and Ryan's record as 500-0 in street fights. Pride creates a controversy to save Royce's face and Royler's face, giving them a chance to claim that they were not defeated. When a fight between a Brazilian and a non-Brazilian is close, they give the decision to the Brazilian.

pdeking, tell us how you really feel... LOL...

"It always seems like they feel they are being done wrong by Pride. " Who says they feel this way?

"Who says they feel this way?"

It's the general feeling one gets from reading the forum. Guess you have not been here too long..

Other general feelings one gets from reading the forum is that Rickson sucks. Gracies coming to MMA.tv and complaining about Pride treating them poorly must have been before my time, so you are right.

1...............I understand Royce being upset at the first fight with Yoshida. A mistake was made. When Royce jumped up & was clearly very concious the fight should have been restarted in the same position. They did have a contract stating that the ref couldn't stop the fight. Had that happened & they been allowed to finish the fight this discuccion wouldn't be going on.

2...........Royler was pissed about his fight with Saku. He obviously was in big trouble & well on the way to losing the fight. I'm not going to argue that he wasn't, but he didn't & wouldn't tap. He felt that he could tough it out & escape the sub. Only he knows how much pain he can take. I personally think he was close to getting his shoulder dislocated, but Royler is a fighter. If I were the ref I'd have let Royler make the decision as to when & if to tap.

3.............The Grand Prix. It was announced that a Gracie would be in the middle weight Grand Prix. With the exception of Tamura everyone that was in there deserved to be there. I'd have loved to see Ryan, Renzo, Rodrigo or Ralph in their. Why shouldn't they be upset about a broken promise.

Those are the only times I've ever read about any of the Gracies being upset with Pride & I understand why.

Royce didn't complain about his loss to Saku. On the contrary he paid Saku allot of well earned respect. I've never heard Renzo complain about a loss. He was got a bad decision when Oyama ran from him all night & Renzo didn't complain.

when we talk about how pride does the gracieds wrong we are talking about certain intenses, thats all. The thread is an exageration

hmmm interesting

so this is why they feel they have to do all they can to prevent a "screw job"?


The thread is not an exaggeration. In reading things that Luke, MikeRGTV etc write I honestly thought that there are issues.

"that Luke, MikeRGTV etc write I honestly thought that there are issues"

dont be reading folks post on here to make a realistic thought on pride and the gracies. this place is not good for facts. no disrespect to mike and beston or anyone for that matter.

any fighter would be pissed with the organization if they were done wrong

It just seems that eventually someone is gonna have something to gripe about considering there is always the human element involved in refing and officiating. When I read the Gracies have to demand certain rules to prevent a "screw job" from and organization that they have had what 25+ bouts in, to me its kinda odd.

25 bouts and 2 instances that they have to gripe about doesnt seem to me like pride is trying to screw anyone.