if quinton can win, so can chael

chaels wrestling is far superior to rampages. his striking is far better than he is given credit far, thx to the threat of his takedowns. he out struck anderson.

He didn't outstrike Anderson at all.

how man times did he drop anderson?

WRONG. chael's striking is only effective if his opponent is afraid of takedowns. Machida is extremely hard to take down, employs a striking style that keeps him far enough out to avoid takedowns, and is very comfortable from his back.

Chael's going to sleep.

hmm thats a good point. he has seemed harder to takedown than anderson.

without the takedown threat chaels striking is nothnig to be feared

/end thread

Machida's sumo base makes him ridiculously hard to take down. Chael is about to look like an amateur. Phone Post