If Randy Ever Tested Positive

for Roids, would anyone else lose all faith in athletes. Hell Id lose faith in America

I'd cry...

Id cry to

How many championship fights has he been in?

If he hasn't been busted by now, he won't be busted.

I'd lose all faith in Randy, not all athletes...

My world would come crashing down.

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steroids give you alot of strength i seen a power lifter with 22inch biceps geting tapped by a 160lb blue belt with straight armlocks from the guard.

bajabryan, I will disagree....

"Steroids do increase strength and ability to recover but they don't change your technical ability"

If someone recovers faster, then in fact they will be able to do more drills over a period of time than someone who doesn't juice, hence they will become more technical.


True but thats stretching it a bit I'd say.

I could juice until the day I die, I would still be a motor moron...

Funny my girlfriend went to Team Quest and got a T shirt signed by Randy and all she ever says about him was how puny he looks like he needed a hamburger and fries.

I'd laugh at all you naive B- Phil Bennet's that really think most of your favorite athletes arent taking anything.

Does anyone REALLY think that he is Natural????? He was a OSU Top guy back in the day... ;)

Captain America would never do it!

If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle. Don't think that'll happen either.

Couture hasn't taken anything of the sort since the experiment that turned him into America's champion. If only someone could remember the formula!

"i love how anyone who gots a muscular body MUST have taken roids, remakrs like those come from fat slobs or skinny bums, if u workout hard enough will achieve that."

Did I ever said he took roids? NO. I said more or less that I have so much faith in Randy and trust him so much that if it ever came out that he did use roids I would feel betrayed and disalusioned.

Read more carefully before you post something insulting