If Richard Bresler needed legal fees to sell his book, how much do you think could be raised?

Unfortunately, can’t get into the situation just yet, but if Richard Bresler (Rorion Gracie’s first student in America, who started the first Gracie garage, and put up the money for the Gracie Academy and the UFC) started a gofundme to be able to hire a lawyer to defend against some crazy stuff going on and sell his book, how much do you think could be raised? Would the BJJ/MMA community support him? I’ve never seen someone more in the legal right than Richard, but all this stuff costs a lot of money to defend against.

For sure I’d donate a little or what I could

Wasn’t he loaded?

I’m sure some would. Probably more likely if they know the details about what they would be donating money to support though. For example, if he is getting taken advantage of by someone who would look like a “villain”, then probably more support. However, if he is the one who would be considered the “villain”, then less likely. It all depends on the details.

Completely understandable. There’s definitely a huge villain to this story and it’s not Richard.

“Wasn’t he loaded”

LOL, no. He was a fast food restaurant worker and pretty much Rorion’s full time, and largely unpaid assistant. He gave his life savings of about 40 grand I think to start the Gracie Academy and help fund the UFC. I think he pretty much got back what he paid in. And that was like 30 plus years ago.

Ah ok. I knew about his investment in the Gracie Academy, just assumed he was loaded consequently.

Well well well, learn me on it’s just “out of print” when Amazon prints on demand, genius. And the fucking Einstein thinking you can sell out of mobi files. LOL.