If Royce beats Sakuraba?

Would it blow your mind?

"Who cares. "


how would royce win?  he's not going to Sub Sakuraba.  And Sak is a better wrestler.  How is Royce gonna win?

No, it wouldnt be mind blowing.

It would still be a big win for Royce though imo because it would be a revenge win and those are always big but its obviously not as big at this point for either guy winning at this point. I think its still a big profile fight but not so much the most meaningful at this stage. Royce supporters can accuse me and other guys that say this about making excuses or trying to down play it but can anyone deny the fact that both guys are not what they used to be?

If this rematch took place within a few years after Sak beat Royce, then it would have obviously been a lot bigger. Pretty straight forward thoughts imo.

Royce wins by arthritic shoulder lock

If Royce wins,

Royce vs. Sakuraba III

royce should win just due to being healthy... sak while "passing" medicals shouldn't be in there. although im glad its royce; not like he is gonna pound the living shit out of him like arona did. shoulder lock anyone?

Royce vs Fedor is the only fight that would make sense.

If Royce wins a three rounder with an old, beatdown Saku, then Saku still massively embarassed and outfought Royce under his own special rules when the two were in their prime.

End of thread.

Everyone on here suckss on Sak's dick so no matter what happens they will make excuses for him.

it would blow my mind wondering why the hell Sak was a no show. b/c that's the only way I think Sak could lose this match.

The Garv is correct. The winner of this fight is p4p #1 in the world, with beating Fedor as a mere formality.

The Sakuraba fighting tomorrow isn't the same one who was the gracie hunter.
I expect Royce do avenge some family honor.
Of course, I also thoght Rampage would get dropped by Chuck in less than 2 rounds.

Would be a major upset though IMO... I can't wait to watch this fight.... BOOOOO to all of you hating!

Looks like royce put on some muscle. but still, if royce training includes those puji or whatever stick fighting, and training only with people in his school he will loose this fight. I bet though he has trained with other people though.

I still think royce will win. He's probobly amped the fuck up after his loss to matt "The country breakfast" hughes

wow, always thought you were pretty much on the dime with respect to choosing fights fights attjack. Do you really think he is a favorite?

I think Sakuraba takes this considering Royce has limited ability to inflict damage through strikes. Royce submitting Sak would blow my mind.

Well that was a boring fight. Especially considering the stage of their careers made the fight meaningless.

i agree

Boring, yes but i think Sak won. Dropped Royce, took his back 3 times, had the armbar attempt on the end. All Royce did was the front kick, which has good at keeping Sak at bay but Sak's offense was more significant imo.

Either way, absolutely no need for a 3rd fight.