If Royce Gracie and Matt Hughes fought today???

If they were both at 100% today who would take it? 

Really man

Matt is still recovering from the accident he was in less than a year ago. Op is clueless or a Fucking dbag


Slaughter on Tenth Avenue -


For what? If they were both at 100% health I’m curious who’d take the victory 

yo OP can you go fuck yourself fucking troll

Royce gets popped for PEDs?

Matt’s wife would castrate the OP for asking. 

I still wish Matt had patience and just sat there instead of spinning gravel. 

Though I still wonder respectfully whyhe didn’t just bail from the truck and let it get hit rather than remain inside trying to cross. 

With that said, I know no details of the wreck and base it on the trains by where I live since they take forever if you don’t get across and there is gravel there. 

I now think of Matt and no longer try to beat the train if it’s coming. 

Seeing Matt walk out was as inspiring as it was sad.   Seeing this guy who would tear you apart needing a hand now just sticks with you. 


Fuck this thread