If Royce loses a split decision???

Will he still get credit for being able to hang with todays generation. If Hughes is unable to finish him but wins a split decision what then? Does Royce's market value go up? or does Matt's value go down for not being able to finish Royce? Just curious.

If it goes to decision, which I doubt, it'll be 30-27 Hughes from all three judges IMO

If Matt KOs Royce in less then 5 seconds, the Gracie Jockryders will still claim a win for Ziu Zitzu...

HS has just buttscooted around the correct for 3 rounds.

he got ko'd in 5 seconds, but would have won without rounds or time limit.


now now now my little friends...If Matt knocks Royce out in Five seconds, anyone that claims a victory for zhiu-zhitzooooo is a fucking Tard.