If Rumble won-Would people call him a paper champ?

A lot has been said or Cormier being a paper champion after losing to Jones just 5 months ago. But if Rumble who's been on a tear as of late won, would people give him as much heat? Phone Post 3.0

I'd say no. Phone Post 3.0

People probably would say he isnt the real champ, but itd be more debatable amongst who would win between him and Jones. Phone Post 3.0

He'd have his doubters, but not as many as DC Phone Post 3.0

I don't think as much since he hasn't previously fought and got beaten by Jones, but they most likely would anyway because that's just what they do.

I'm sure a lot of people would still call him a paper champ. But there would be a more sound argument for him being the true champ since one could claim Gus beat JBJ and AJ stopped Gus.

But all of that doesn't matter now.

He would be a paper champ, but less so that Cormier is now.

Had he finished Cormier or looked better than Jones did against him, he would be the real, 100% legit champ. That's just basic MMAth and common sense.

It's because DC lost to Jones. But people would still say he has to face Jones to prove his title.

Yes, but at least you could make the argument that he hadn't fought Jones yet.