If someone asked you why do you like to watch..


what would you say? 


I don't know anymore, 3+ years ago I'd of had a ton of answers but now i honestly don't know.

The desperate hunt for survival and the unpredictability.  It's why I don't like fighters that don't try to finish or prioritize being safe over finishing.  You don't have to be wreckless but at least raise the possibility of a finish, whether that's striking or grappling.  The best parts for me is then you see an elite fighter on the hunt.  Like on the feet you can tell when a striker can smell the finish, and it's thrilling.  Or on the ground when a guy is positioning for a submission I sometimes literally hold my breath.  It's one of the best things in all of sports for me.

Miguel cro cop - I don't know anymore, 3+ years ago I'd of had a ton of answers but now i honestly don't know.

Interest has dropped a bit for myself as well over the last few years, but there are still those oh shit moments that make your heart race, ain't no sunshine still will give me goosebumps, and seeing some of these young guys taking it to a new level and actually watching MMA evolve in real time is pretty dang cool...

Oh and the boner inducing north south position.

Its exciting.

Requires courage , skill , strategy. No other sports can end so suddenly. You can be winning on all cards and then lose in the last minute by a vicious knock out or a hold that will snap a limb if you dont submit.

Humans have fought since the beginning of time . Other sports will come and go , but who is the best fighter will always have significance

Ken Norton said this about boxing years ago.

Fighting...One on one is the highest form of competition.

The shirtless dudes.

Weigh In Boners

It's human cockfighting.

What's not to love?

Pure sport, closest thing to real unarmed combat we have but it's not grotesque like "felony fights" etc.. because it's sanctioned and has a ref to protect the fighters from real harm (usually)

I enjoy 2 men in their underwear rolling around together. Plus weigh in boners.

The 'oh shit' moments. 


Everything, it's great. 

Who gives a fuck about some cunt throwing a ball in net 

CombAt sports make most other sports feel like glorified hobbies 

oldest sport most history

I enjoy that sort of competition. No team in there with you . Just fighter A and fighter B to settle who is better on any given night. 


The moments created in MMA ,or combat sports in general , are unlike any other in sports. The fighters really have to put themselves out there. Entering a cage putting their pride,ego, and health on the line to find out which man is better as well as to give the fans a show.  Fighters should be much more appreciated and celebrated . It's not a simple thing and it is not something that is guaranteed or permanent career by any means. 


Keep up the good work competitors.

fighting is the oldest form of competition, the original sport

I watch because of the emotional trauma I suffered as a child. A primal instinct of harming others manifested within me and a blood lust developed. I thoroughly enjoy watching a man beat another man into bloody submission. My only disappointment is they have so many rules and restrictions.