If Stitches was a Russian Metalhead...

I like this guy's version more. Alex Teribble is his name. Yes, Teribble.

Stitches vocal cover by Alex Teribble from Slaugh…: http://youtu.be/IsZD7jHa9WA Phone Post 3.0

The fuck is wrong with that guys throat? Phone Post 3.0

He's tattooed from his throat to his fingers. Phone Post 3.0

Freeman -

Embedding disabled. That sucks.




Thanks freeman. VU Phone Post 3.0

A different list of videos show up when I searched for him from a computer. The kid is actually pretty good. He does a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit which is kinda hilarious.

Here's some Suicide Silence.

Suicide Silence-Unanswered (Alex Teribble From Sl…: http://youtu.be/URi-FQzPMRo Phone Post 3.0

MasonJar -

Here's the embed.

Lol wtf is that?? Phone Post 3.0

You think Jesus sold blow? Phone Post 3.0