If Sylvia beats Fedor...

  1. the ranking will be really screwd up


    2. The UG will explode

    I really hope Fedor destroys him, like i think he will.

 The UG will explode but I don't think the rankings will be screwed up.

Nog will move into #1

Randy and Sylvia would be fighting it out between 2-3 with Randy probably being #2 with Sylvia a close #3 and Fedor would be #4 with the winner of Werdum and Vera moving into #5 and Arlovski being tied with that winner for #5.

 So, to sum things up for the HIGHLY UNLIKELY situation of Sylvia beating Fedor, the rankings would look something like this.

1: Nog

2. Randy Couture

3. Tim Sylvia

4. Fedor

5. (Tie)Andrei Arlovski

5. (Tie) Winner of Vera/Werdum

7. Josh Barnett

Something like that.


nog would be #1, even though Fedor has beat him twice? I think Randy would be #1.

hard to rank Randy over Nog having 2 fights in what will be 2-2.5 years

so if Okami beat Silva, Rich Franklin would be #1? Ranking suck...i guess thats why we have belts.

In alot of peoples eyes if Okami beats Silva, Okami is #1. If Tim beats Fedor, Tim is #1.

That is why you have Matt Serra ranked #1 by many at 170 with only 1 worthwhile victory in that weight class.

If Tim beats Fedor I have no clue how to rank the HW division. In all honesty, I think Randy would be #1. He beat 2 top 5 HW's in Sylvia and Gonzaga back to back with Mino a cunt hair behind at #2. Honestly those guys should be 1a and 1b. Fedor definetely loses #1 due to his inactivity and losing to that big oaf.

Randy can't be #1 when he's a whopping 2-2 in his last fights. Losses in a lower weight-class shouldn't be dismissed.

If Tim wins, Nogeira is #1 (he finished Tim).

Yes, he lost to Fedor twice...but Rampage lost to Silva twice. Few people would put Silva over Rampage these days.

Domingo -  Few people would put Silva over Rampage these days.

Thats not a fair comparison because Wandy has lost 3 straight fights....If he would have beat liddell there would be a lot of people that would put him at #1


 The rankings would be very simple; Nog would indisputably be #1.

Yes, the UG would explode for sure.

just because fighter "a" beats fighter "b" and fighter "b" beats fighter "c" doesn't necessarily mean that fighter "a" will beat fighter "c"

if you look at the history of the sport 80 to 90% of the time fighter "c" beats fighter "a"

I'll be rooting for a bif Sylvia KO

Then Tim should get a rematch with Randy. He deserves one regardless but Randy didn't want to blow his last best money maker.

 3: Randy will commit sepuku.



  1. Mass suicide by all Fedor nut-huggers
    2. Randy Couture lays claim to best p4p fighter in the world because Randy > Timmah > Fedor.
    3. A black hole will open in the sky and suck us all into oblivion.



.... when he beats fedor

I hope Fedor loses so we can stop hearing about fights that usually never happen all the time

Sylvia by CUT.