If Tank had beaten Rizzo

Let's face it,Rizzo became a mma star in the US by beating Tank Abbott in Ultimate Brasil.Sure he was known to the educated fans due to his fight in Holland and his WVC wins but the average fan never heard of him until he fought Tank.

Rizzo showed up to that fight with stitches in his face from training and Tank showed up by all accounts legally intoxicated from what I have heard and expected to roll through the kickboxer.

If Tank had done more G+P and by chance tore open Rizzo's stitches and had won because of the cut would we even be talking about Rizzo today?Would he have been a long standing competitor in the UFC or would he have been another one-timer such as Hugo Duarte was?

interesting question...

probably would have not been back in the UFC, would have went to Pride where he would have exposed Kerr for being not so good and been even bigger.

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I think he would have turned out OK. He already had decent skills. Maybe UFC, maybe Pride. I think that Kerr would had beat him though. Pedro has show in the past that he doest do too well vs big wrestlers.

what he was thinking was the reason why he never got above the level he was at.

He's a thug, not an athelete. His attitude was his downfall.

"His association with Ruas would have given him another shot in the UFC if he had lost,"

Not necesarily true,look at Rodrigo Ruas.Only one UFC fight,never to be seen again

I think Kerr would have stood a good chance of beating him, but Kerr has proven to not like getting hit and if Pedro woulda landed some Kerr getting exposed could have happened a lot sooner. Who wold you put money on today?

You could argue this same case for tons of fighters.


Tank had no chance in that fight.

"Tank had no chance in that fight. "

Wrong,Tank wasn't actually doing bad until he gassed and got stood back up.

lol, Tank was taking punches from the bottom before they got stood back up.

Rizzo fought the best for years.

IF Tank was a real fighter..................................................