If Tank Loses........?

Does anyone want to see him fight anymore?

For some reason, I very highly doubt that it was Joe Silva's idea to bring Tank back. You're blaming the wrong person.

"FACT: Rich Franklin made more getting KO'ed once in Japan then winning twice here in the US."

But what did that do to his career long term? His stock has taken a nosedive, and there's no doubt that he was close to making big money in the UFC within the next few months. Zuffa was building him up to become a star, and now Franklin's MMA future is kind of a question mark. He may have to go back to the smaller shows and make even less money.

Well, Zuffa can't stay with just the Fab Four forever. And it did seem like Zuffa was building up Franklin before throwing him in with the big dogs. He could've been a big star in the UFC. And I think the UFC would've been the perfect place for him. Light heavyweight is the big money division in the UFC right now. I would've liked to see Franklin against any of the top dogs at LHW. Even though Lyoto beat him down, I still think Franklin is very talented, exciting, and is a threat to anyone at 205. Everyone has bad nights...

the matchmaking with tank has been absolutely terrible, a waste... he should have been put in with pure strikers