If the devil knows that he is...

going to be defeated...why will he even bother to try and take over the earth?

you gotta figure that if everything in the bible were true, he would be one to know...he knows he is going to lose yet he goes for it anyway....and my question is why? is it pride?

you know im assuming that he can read...and that he can at least get a copy of the good book, i mean its all right there....seems like kind of a dumbass

The devil is the most intulectuall being ever created. How ever he is also a liar cheat and a thief. The devil no longer has a concept of good and has no choice but to take as many people with him as possible.

I was disscusing this before and we kind of came to the conclusion that when Jesus was crucified the devil actually thought he won. Even though the devil knows the truth about what would happen to Jesus and his own destiny he is so full of himself that he believes what he thinks. Kinda like a patholgical liar that lies about everything. You know they lie to get people to like them or for what ever reason like making up good stories and then they even lie about pointless stuff that has no reason for a lie at all.

Joecraig said it well. The devil is a source of chaos for us. He goes about causing confusion by lying, cheating, seducing, misleading, etc. He is so arrogant that he thinks himself to be worthy of being above God himself, so he has made that into himself. He hates everything that reminds him of God and the fact that God is in charge, and because he is fallen, he has to see reminders of Gods creation and soverignty everywhere. He wants to destroy that, and the easiet way, is by laying waste to those made in the image of God.

Satan has evolved from the anointed cherub who was a highly decorated worshipping angel into this fallen version of pride/deceipt/temptation/etc. Though he is still powerful, he's by no means omniscient. He tempted Christ in hopes to get Him to submit to him, and don't forget the episode w/Job. He operates under the assumption that he can successfully tarnish men. All men. Which seems to be God's most recent passion, from Adam til now. So that's why Satan's primary activity seems to be trying to show God how degenerate and self-seeking we are. He's also known as the accuser of the brethren for this reason. I think one could argue his past success rates, but I don't think he believes he's gonna win, but maybe by tearing down as many men as possible he feels he can prove his case to God that man is no better than him.

Also I believe he knows what his future holds. When Jesus came on the scene with the demented soul of Gadera, the demons cried out "have you come to torment us BEFORE OUR TIME?" Which to me indicates that these demons know their time is running out.

So in short, Satan aint the sharpest tool in the shed. But I believe he still thinks he is. Does he believe he can change the future? Maybe, I dunno. Very interesting topic tho.



not sure if Satan knows he's lost. he certainly didnt when Christ was crucified.

yours In Christ


Atcully I was considering this my slef a while back. If we are made in the image of God (spiritual image) then when the Devil comes after us he is coming after what he sees spiritually. Likewise he is trying to posses/seduce us to being with him intead of God. With that beign said I'm starting to believe that he is pursuing us as a means to posesse Gods childeren, and in a strgne way try to posses God.

little food for thought.


Very well put....

because he is a fuck up... like those dumb teenage girls who know that they are just gonna be used and dumped by that preppy punk-ass. They give it up, then cry miserably when it doesn't work out...

so the devil is comparable to the mindset of a teenage girl?

that doesnt say too much about the great antagonist

so he understands how futile his effort is....yet tries to do what damage he can...?

right....like when an army knows they are going to lose a battle, so they destroy evertyhing so the other amry can't use it.

I am not saying he is a teenage girl (I don't think he cares about preppy punk-asses), but I am saying that he is screwed up - everything about him... Logic does not prevail in his mind-set (like the teenage girl in my example).

He may know he can't win, but he fights anyway because he "wants to" or "no one is gonna tell him".

I don't think that the devil is a sophisticated schemer - I think he is a fool and his attempts to harm man, Jesus, God, or whatever... are arbitrary attacks at goodness. He is waging little battles on what he sees in front of him at any one time... not a war where his battles have collective purpose to achieve an ultimate goal.

That is the "why" to your question in the original post.

I've asked this question a lot. good topic.

Well, he thought he could overthrow God in heaven...

"Well, he thought he could overthrow God in heaven... "

well wouldnt he learn his lesson? or is he unable to change...or does he think that a new method would work better here?

I personally think that if he was extremely prideful enough to be that delusional, he has no concept of what he's actually capable of doing or not doing. He's acting on pure, unadulterated pride, unable to see the totality of the circumstances. He's totally cut off from God's grace therefore incapable of seeing the truth of his actions.

" those dumb teenage girls who know that they are just gonna be used and dumped by that preppy punk-ass"

Rich, no logic here.

If they are dumb, they don´t know they are going to be used. That´s why they cry.

No logic??? Let me better explain the point...

It is true that some girls just don't know the guy will use them the first time out... and I am not talking about them (fool me once, shame on you)...

I am talking about girls/women (and there are plenty of them) that go back, and go back, and go back, and GO BACK... and KNOW they will be wronged AGAIN (fool me twice, shame on me)... but they do it anyways with only emotional input as the guide to their actions.

They think of today with know forethought or application of lessons learned.

Those are the dumb teenage girls I am referring to, and the "no logic here" comment better applies to them. Now, there are plenty of categories of men that are dumb-asses too...

Basically there are stupid people out there, and the devil follows this suit. Hence my anology - honestly he is not all that impressive of a being/entity to me...

then how is he considered an adversary to god

He's not. He's adversarial to God's people.