If the og could get rid of the blacks or the gays, who would you choose?

So we done talking about pools or what?

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I just want a small deck/steps similar to this. I tried multiple times to pay local guys whom make them to do the job but they all flaked. I would rather use this than an A frame ladder.

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Vu for the hot dudes

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For sure! A frame ladders are the worst!

Yeah the boys are beautiful!! Good kids too! They work so hard and are so nice! Their parents raised them right!

No spinning of this. I hope your whore daughter has a fat dick in the ass and right after he busts I hope he lights that bitch on fire. Much better life.

Never Mind Homer GIF by MOODMAN

He’s still nervous I’ll post his message, lol

Some people think writing on paper is fun. But I say phooey to them folks. Parchment is the true king of writing surfaces and if you fine folks have a moment I’ll explain why.

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Do it up, lol.

I’ve said a lot of nasty things about manloverts kids and I’d honestly like to apologize for absolutely nothing. That piece of shit

I’ve got a job interview this morning guys, wish me luck!!


Good luck @MagicJack_Kirik !!!

When they ask you what your greatest weakness is, tell them it’s honesty. and when they say that’s not a weakness, tell them you don’t give a fuck what they think.

If they ask you to sell them a pen tell them it’s magic and can write underwater. When they ask you to prove it, just grab a piece of paper and write underwater. Proceed to inform them that the pen also writes other words.

If the interviewer is female, give her a pat right on her pussy mound when she tries to shake your hand. Women like that.


The Pole Smokers can go!

Good luck dude

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Where are you going?

Lol, I kid.

So many here afraid to give an honest answer. It’s just a hypothetical question. Nobody’s gonna cancel your life for answering honestly

Didn’t you get bullied by a chick at work?


Good luck bud!