If the Paul bro’s went on bully beat down

I was just thinking about the show “Bully Beat Down” with Mayhem and thought about how funny it would’ve been if one of Jake Paul’s neighbors called Mayhem to help with Jake Paul bullying them.

Then the MMA fighter steps in to teach the bully a lesson and gets dismantled in the boxing round.

That would be hilarious

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Imagine how funny it would be if the show Blind Date were still on and Vitors daughter had Jake Paul as her date!


Another Paul thread from this guy!


Or if Jake and Vitor were both at the same party playing truth or dare, and someone dared them to give each other full body massages while everyone watched, and they oiled each other down and rubbed their bodies together and then started touching each other everywhere and kissing, can you imagine!

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Jake bros were not boxing back then.

Thread fail.

Gordon Ramsey Idiot GIF

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Great feature

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What a fragile little snowflake :joy: