If the UFC cuts Overreem the next Bellator PPV

Will be Overreem vs Congo
I doubt he is released though Phone Post 3.0

Why did spell check give AO to r's in his name twice

Good job apple :) Phone Post 3.0

Bjorn said he hasn't signed Kongo, and Kongo's twitter page says UFC fighter. What is going on with him Phone Post 3.0

If they got AO they could get Kongo
and Kongo ATM is a free agent Phone Post 3.0

Remember, Bellator doesnt sign UFC castoffs.  Oh wait.

Then Overeem will appear on TNA Phone Post 3.0

Could they even afford to sign the Reem at this point? Phone Post 3.0

If Overeem gets cut I think Glory is a more likely destination Phone Post

I think they will most likely offer reem one more fight but only with a new (cheaper) contract. Phone Post

Could totally see this being a bellashit card. What a joke that promotion has become. Phone Post 3.0

nah i see overeem settling down to a cozy 9-5 if he gets cut. office job, filing paperwork and chatting up the secretary would suit him nicely.

If Overeem gets cut he goes right back on the juice and becomes a monster again. People will clamor to see him in the UFC again and Dana will feel pressured to give him a second chance. He gets back in the UFC has to fight on less juice and washes out again. Phone Post 3.0

Overeem versus Bully Ray IMO

There's not a hope in hell the UFC will cut Overeem. Phone Post

sincitydc - Could they even afford to sign the Reem at this point? Phone Post 3.0
Viacom got paper stacks Phone Post 3.0

If Reem ever wants to retire the WWE would be the place to go. He could make some serious money with Lesnar there. Phone Post 3.0