If this forum has really died...

I think we need to call a summit of boxing fans to fix it.

No I have a better idea.

Lets cook up our best threads eva. I'll be working on some technique threads. Bring your best stuff boxing fans, this forum seems to be fading fast.


I have a better idea. Put out an APB for Black Fitzsimmons. That will solve everything.

Black Fitzsimmons, 5 o' clock shadow, Keith Palmer, all you bastads! Bring your best.

Best threads up by the 1st Saturday after New Years.
Lets restore this forum to the best on the UG.



This forum is definately lacking in technique related threads. I think a lot of the trolling that went on in this forum in the past has driven some good posters away. I know I've tried to get John Buckley back here but he just isn't interested.

More mods or active moderating. Leave the trolling to the OG and UG. Let's clean this place up!

Hey Toki...what's wrong with the moderating on this forum dammitt!!!! :-)

I think from a trolling standpoint this forum has been looking pretty good. TodoDuro was a major downer to this forum and he was banned for that reason. People are entitled to there own opinions, whether I agree or disagree I don't necessarily consider it trolling unless the same argument is rehashed by the same person day after day, which also has seemed to lessen around here.

Let's look at this objectively fellas. Boxing is kinda slow right now, and has been lately. Couldn't that explain why it's been "slow" here?

There's only so many times we can argue the best PFP all time, or Ali vs Tyson in their primes. I think I have a decent feel for many of your favorite fighters and styles. Surely, many of you do too.

There seems to be a "hottest porn star" thread in the OG about every two weeks, but they've got ten times as many posters to fuel the argument. Being small, we cant have a fresh argument on the same subject every other week.

Another thing I notice is that we've got some serious history buffs and insightfull mofo's as regulars here. How many casual fans have we chased off by pointing out how lacking their knowledge of the game is? (think about it).

Once some big fights start approaching, I think we'll pick up again. Seems natural to me that we'd have highs and lows that correspond to the boxing schedule.

As dead as this forum is right now, I still love it. Let the absurd, troll-like "casual fans" discuss boxing on the UG.

Are there any big fights on the horizon? Popo Freitas vs. Grigorian? Tszyu vs. Mitchell? Lights Out vs. McCline? Sugar Shane vs. Winky Wright? If this is all we have to look forward to, I imagine that the forum will continue to die unless we create a lot more technique threads and my personal favorite, threads about old-time boxers like Dempsey, Jack Johnson, Ray Robinson, etc.

As to the old fart problem, I hope that isn't the case.
I quit posting on ADCC altogether when some idiot claimed that if he hadn't heard of Jim Jeffries he must have been some loser who wasn't very good.

There is a point past which ignorance of the past just can't be suffered lightly.

Martin - you are so close to the response that I got it isn't even funny.

The " old crackas in black and white movies" line is almost a direct quote.

We were talking about old boxing heavies that would have done well in MMA and of course the Boilermaker came to mind.

Wow, the ignorance flowed like mud on a hillside in a California rainstorm.

Jeffries would have probably been the best bet in a MMA bout, of any heavyweight champion. I'm sure you've all heard the story where a young Jack Johnson marched into Jeffries' bar, demanding a title shot. Jeffries only laughed at this bold command and told him the fight wouldn't draw flies, that Johnson didn't have a big enough name yet. Instead he proposed that the two of them take a trip down to the cellar, lock the door behind them, and have an old fashioned, no holds barred fight for the key. Winner would take all, title included.

Well, The Galveston Giant, who was supremely confident of his ability in the ring, did not take Jim up for that one. He knew he had no chance against the Boilermaker in a street fight with no rules.

Tom Sharky is another old timer who would have been a great MMAist and he had a few actual boxer vs. wrestler matches during his career. If I recall correctly, he took part in one of the few documented encounters where a top boxer KO'ed a high end grappler before the grappler could take him down. I'm going on pure memory here, and I can't seem to find any internet sources to back me up, but I recall reading this on a message board a few years ago. Does anyone else know anything about this match?

I will be back with a venegence...not that I was a super contributor...but I have an idea for some good threads.

have fun guys...

good to see you back Buddie....


As someone else said Boxing is slow now. It will pick up after the Super Bowl as it usually does. Some of the young Olympians have to get title shots, there is no where else for them to go. That will make boxing interesting in the last half of the year.

"There's only so many times we can argue the best PFP all time, or Ali vs Tyson in their primes."

Amen to that. I wouldn't mind talking about the top 10 140lbers currently active though

Sorry I haven't been around fellas. Believe it or not it is indirectly related to a shoulder injury that has had me sidelined for a while. You'd think that with a shoulder injury I'd have more time to type, right? Well, that isn't what has kept me away. Actually, it is a guilty conscience. Reading the posts here gets me so fired up to train, I just end up feeling really depressed when I can't do anything.

For example, when I read TPSM's post about his latest streetfight, I got so excited I wanted to punch my mom! Alas, with my hurt shoulder all I could do is hip check her while she was washing the dishes in the sink.

When I am ready to throw down with her one-on-one, I'll be back with a vengence.


"I worry about that sometimes.But generally,I lay off
a thread unless one of these little microphallic
jockriders get on a thread and start puking out their
revisionist crap."


Best sentence I've read in quite a while!


Well, I'm sure that all of you have heard the story that Jeffries was shaking in his nightshirt the entire night before his fight against Johnson when he learned that Johnson wasn't going to take a dive. Any truth to this story, Martin?

"I don't know why Jeffries thought he could trust Johnson to go through with it.Johnson had a history of double-crosses.Hell,there's even filmed evidence:the Ketchel fight. "

Was'nt it ketchel who crossed Johnson first by trying
to ko him? I thought Johnson was just retaliating. Is
this wrong?

That's what I thought as well... Martin?

Tapout, I don't blame Jeffries at all, especially after that long lay-off. Without question, he knew that he couldn't beat Johnson at that point on his career. No shame in that.