If this is the end for Anderson we salute you.

There is no better man that could have succeeded in taking Andersons throne and what a career we saw. Anderson came from dominantly defeating guys in kotc to dominating the middleweight landscape and title picture. Anderson made us feel magic he brought mystery to the sport a mystice others only dream of.

I will not lie I rooted for Chris but I love Anderson he has entertained be for years and is a example of a legendary champion who always came to fight and wore it on his Sleeve.

If this is the end of Anderson you will be missed my friend. But the middleweight division is left in good hands.

This is not a time for butt hurt fans to bash either fighter. This is a time to celebrate the career of the legend Anderson and celebrate the new champ.

We salute you Anderson. You're a fucking bad ass. Phone Post 3.0

Thank you for all you've done Anderson Phone Post 3.0

Absolutely! Anderson is the greatest of all time in my opinion and it would be a damn shame to see it end like this. However if it does, mad mad respect. Phone Post 3.0

The best ever. All my prayers are with him.

Voted up OP.

GREAT post.

It was a pleasure to watch you work Phone Post 3.0

Much Respect for Anderson, watching him fight was something I will never forget. I hope his recovery goes well, God Bless. Phone Post 3.0

He's not coming back from that...no way. Hat's off to, in my opinion, the best ever. Get well soon champ & enjoy your hard earned money.

Signed. Thank you for what have you have given to MMA and us fans. You will never be forgotten. Wishing a safe and fast recovery.

A new era begins whether we like it or not, let's just enjoy it. Great post OP Phone Post 3.0

Signed for the Spider Phone Post 3.0

Signed. Much love Anderson. Phone Post 3.0

I hope the hospital takes care of him. The photos are killing me Phone Post 3.0

Thank you Spider! You are a true martial artist and will be deeply missed in the octagon. Phone Post 3.0

Thank you Anderson !

Thanks Andersonq Phone Post 3.0

Richard Tuck - Thanks Andersonq Phone Post 3.0
Anderson Phone Post 3.0

Signed. Thank you Anderson for everything. By far the most exciting fighter to ever grace the Octagon. The greatest of all time. What a spectacular career. I love you Anderson, and I'm praying that you recover well.