If this were 1995 (CroCop)...

If this were 1995 and people did not know of CroCop's devastating history in Pride, I'm curious as to how he would be viewed after his loss.

I'm willing to bet that people would be busting on him like Greg Stott, Fred Ettish, Steve Nelmark, etc.

"This Croatian commando guy..."

In reality, none of us should have ever judged these guys on one performance, either.

Just a thought...

I always wondered if some of those guys back then were better than what we saw.

If this was 1995 and assuming we're talking about the 2007 version of Crocop, he would have gone through the UFC like a knife through butter. Gracie? lol, please. Crocop would have demolished him. Dan Severn? We saw what Crocop did to one dimensional wrestlers when he destroyed Coleman. Glamrock? Don't make me laugh, it hurts too much.