If Tim wasnt injured....

he would of still lost

my favorite part was it came right after rogan was talking about how classy he was, but tim didnt mean to take anything away from the 43 year old who just threw him his beating of a life time so it made it ok


I can't understand why I keep hearing "I can't understand all the criticism of Sylvia". He always says stupid crap like that.

Did anyone see the look on ROgan's face when he said he was injured??...i swear i thought Joe was gonna call bullshit...

If your going to claim injury you should most likely say something about it before the fight.  Not actually give away what the injury was but at least say "I was injured training for this fight but I going to stick it out and get it done anyway" or something like that so when it comes up after you don't look like Tim did.

He was hurt by the fact the "old" man beat his ass and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.

Stuff like this is why people hate Timmy. He's boring and says stupid things.

I train BJJ and MMA but not a competitive level...myself along with everyone I train with is always dealing nursing an injury of some sort or another.  For profighters its 10x worse, they are always hurt...unless you have something real and specific(my ACL is completely gone, collarbone broken, fractured orbit...etc) then the only difference between you and the guy across the ring is that you decided to bring up the 'injury' you had.

The thread is soooooo correct.

he didn't look to hurt at the weighins when posing with his long arm out
and having that stupid smirk on his face like he was going to win b/c he
had a longer arm.

He got hurt taking the bolts out of his neck before the fight.

Brennan is correct . Tim immediately caught himself going there.