If Tito has a pair...

he will stand and trade with Chuck for the following reasons:

  1. He talked alot of shit about how his stand up has improved to Chuck's level.

  2. He said his lost the first fight due to an injury, he also said in the first fight he was gonna stand and trade. Why change the game plan now?

  3. The only way to avenge an KO is to KTFO the dude who KO'd you the first time.

  4. Men stand and trade.

  5. It's what the fans want.

HonkeyStyle, Modern Day Warrior

um ok

Dumb !

The best strategy to win a fight doesn't include doing exactly what is best for you opponent.

Duh !

Tito already stated it was his best strategy but he was hurt... now he is healthy...

Honkey Style, Modern Day UG Shit Talking Pussy Boy

KneeUNThaFace = Gay for Tito

dont worry dude youre not alone. there is plenty of your kind here.

That is how Tito got KTFO last time.

If Tito has a brain...

He will desperately and passionately do everything he can to sit on Liddell for 25 minutes including spastic constant takedown attempt and turning to run on the feet... ala his clownshow versus Silva.

Tito looked decent in the first round last time. I think he has the speed to outbox Chuck, stick and move. He needs to do that for 3 rounds, then take Chuck down.

Easier said than done.

Why would he want to play Chuck's game. He should do what he does, GnP.

Chuck baiting Tito to stand with him is a good game plan for Chuck, go after his ego and tell him he doesnt have the balls to do it. If Tito falls for this he deserves to get a thumb in the eye again.

Dumb men stand and trade.....smart men play to their strengths to win.

yeah Honkey he should do that so everyone can talk shit like they did to Babalu.

Honkey sounds like Larry Merchant, who wanted Chris Byrd to trade with Klitscho.

I agree with Zimmerman. He needs to box Chuck for at least 3 rounds... and when Chuck least expects it, slam him Rampage style. But like Zimmerman said: easier said than done.

Tito cannot take down Chuck hence he is forced to stand and trade which will lead to the KO.

"Dumb men stand and trade.....smart men play to their strengths to win. " Tito says his standup is on par with Chuck's...

I don't know if he has a pair but if he has a brain, he'll do the exact opposite of what you just said.

how many fights has Tito won by KO with his stand up?

retarded thread

I think he is fucking around. His stand up might be good, but on par with Chuck? NO.
When he says that he is just hyping up the fight. People get ecxited when they hear a trash talking confident fighter.