If today was my date of birth.....

If today was my date of birth, what would I do at the party? Phone Post 3.0

Celebrate your birthday? In a costume?
Is this a trick question?
Maybe you should lie down. Phone Post 3.0

Why wear your birthday suit to the party of course. :P Phone Post 3.0

October 31? Phone Post 3.0

Well.. If today was the date of your birth, you would have just came out of a vagina, so I'd recommend resting. Since that's not the case, I recommend you getting into another vagina tonight. Phone Post 3.0

Correct answer is: the smurf Phone Post 3.0

My birthday is today. Used to have costume parties every year, but I just turned 31 and have a toddler and new born. Wife made a great quote today. "You traded beer pong and drinking for trick or treating with the kids". Phone Post 3.0