If Trump runs in 2024 Presidential Election would you vote for him?

Good riddance.

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People are tired of the establishment neo cons and neo libs. The same discontent that spawned Trump also spawned Bernie and to a lesser degree Tulsi. But I’d take a ham sandwich over this current administration. And while the neo cons are a problem, at least they only want to destroy other countries instead of this one too.

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Don’t you have a beauty pageant to attend Cliff?

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How about I misspell your face?

Trump 2022… Biden must step down

I’ll help you. You’re afce. You’re Welcome.

Nor do you answer simple questions either. Wouldnt want you to think to hard you might hurt yourself.

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Trump is ready and waiting.

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Yes, if Ron DeSantis is on the ticket. But let’s be real here: He shouldn’t run. He’s in his mid seventies and very divisive. DeSantis has a proven track record of success and has a squeaky clean record.

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I think The Sanctified is a better and more polished speaker and can handle bullshit better than Trump can.

DeSantis 2024

Trump is the only focus of globalists to tjis very day as he is the threat… not Biden or his Obama handlers or any other DC RIno because they are already paid off or no threat.

This shows you immediately why this is Trumps office to lose.

The Donald… still living in Davos elites heads rent free… tells you all you need to know.

Davos elites did just fine out of Trump. Who do you think pushed for and got the big 2017 tax cut?

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Trump will kiss ass to any powerful person who flatters him

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Well, I guess you’ll have to start going to your place of worship to gather the latest lies.


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DirectTV losing massive subscribers… that might be their swan song as they merge with DISH or fall off the map…you know what happens to those that go against Trump… they end up like Avenatti in jail reading Art of The Deal.

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Aven who? Who’s Avenatti, and what does he do?

He is a beast of a lawyer