If Tyson trained a few yrs in BJJ

if tyson trained a few years of bjj with the brazilian top team, do you think he could become the ufc or pride heavyweight champ?


No.  I think he would get his face smashed.  He should wrestle.  2 years of BJJ against a guy like Coleman? LOL.

Probably not now, but if Tyson had trained in any combat sport back in the early-mid 80's, he would have been world champion in any of them.

If he weighed a thousand pounds and had 12 arms he would have a chance

lol @ training in wrestling instead!

watch penn vs hughes again.

Although he'd still be a fag, he'd be twice as bad. no denying it fools

He should not train in wrestling or bjj. He should combine the 2 and work on straight grappling. Sub defence, a few chokes, a sprawl, ways to work back to his feet, and hed be good. He is too old now.

Tyson will always be a threat when it comes to boxing. He may not have high caliber skill but the man has dynamite in those hands. I think he should just stick to what he knows best

i sure wouldnt wanna train with tyson

...if he trained Wrestling and BJJ...?

Even though he's no one's favorite fighter, I have to believe he would be even more dangerous.

RIGHT NOW, there is no MMA fighter who could punch with Mike Tyson. His boxing skills, even as a boxer at the end of his career, are far superior to everyone else's in MMA. No question about it!

If he could reach, say, purple belt level in BJJ most MMA fighters would have a lot of trouble with Mike even if he was 40. I know a few 50 year olds who are tremendous at BJJ, so being 40 is no big deal.

And from what I hear he's in Bankruptcy proceedings as we speak, so its not impossible that in a few years we might see Mike try MMA for a payday anyway. Some of the MMA organizations will be able to pay him a cool $1 mil or so for the publicity, when he can no longer find that type of money boxing. I hope it doesn't happen, but you never know.

And remember, this is a what if question.

Let me answer your dumb question with another dumb question. Would a BJJ black belt be able to take a few years of boxing and become the WBA HW champ?? I think not.

"Let me answer your dumb question with another dumb question. Would a BJJ black belt be able to take a few years of boxing and become the WBA HW champ?? I think not. "

Big difference. You can use boxing and takedown defense and win MMA fights in the UFC or Pride. It's been done. Can you use BJJ black belt techniques and some boxing and become a boxing champ?

Since Tyson can make 5 to 10 million dollars fighting nobodies in boxing, why would he want to be the UFC Champ and make only $180,000? Ain't gonna happen!

Okay, what if he trained 2 years of a good MMA curriculum like MFS, Chute Boxe or CSW, etc?

Who's gonna train him? I hear people coplaining about newbie whitebelts spazzes all the time, now imagine if that whitebelt was Mike Tyson. He's not mentally stable enough to train properly and would probably hurt someone real bad while rolling, because he would get frustrated and start bitng or punching.

A lot of guys would be afraid to roll with Tyson. Imagine seeing some white belt getting the rear naked on Iron Mike, then seeing Mike knocking him out. Who, in their right mind, would want the responsibility of controlling him and his emotional outbreaks.

I do remember a couple years back though, that he was seen at Tito's camp watching Tito train. A lot of people were talking, back then, about how big a fan of MMA Tyson was.

Its scary to think how tough he would be if he was also a high ranking bjj practitioner. Its probably equally as scary to think of him losing it in training because his pride won't allow him to tap when he's in trouble.

No, Tyson is just a hasbeen.

He would be a better Greco guy than BJJer.