If UFC let's Fedor slip away......

... their entire HW picture means nothing . It will be a joke calling their champ "WORLD" champ.....and I love Randy, but let's be real.

If they let Fedor slip away, for whatever reason, then they messed up BIG TIME in any real fans eyes. TUF crowd won't care or be aware.

I agree. But it is likely that they will let him slip away...


Its seems to be the other way around to me. Forcing Dana to use his fight
team and schedule a card in Russia? Good luck with that. Its not FMA its

Ask Vera how it turned out... the manager is the problem.

"jesus shut up....it's obv. they want Fedor and are trying to get him here. He's not the meca of MMA why in the world should they risk overpaying or giving up too much in return???
He's not going to make or break MMA...."

Ur wrong.

SKARHEAD is right.

90% of the blame goes to Fedor's manager IMO.

Could the same be said for Fedor? If he lets the UFC slip away, it is a joke to call him HW champian when he only has Barnett (maybe) and some MW's to fight. How long does he stay ranked #1 fighting MW's and cans?

^ Agree

dude, he's gonna be in the IFL. War Matyushanko!

Props to the UFC for telling Fedor's thug management team to go stuff it.

Every organization that has signed a deal with Fedor, has also been forced to give fights to Red Devil tomato cans, and give away broadcast rights to their programming in Russia.

Red Devil is using Fedor to help them, they aren't looking out for his interests, they are using his name and the ability to sign him to make themselves more money.

Shamrock walking away even after he had the belt didnt ruin their entire LHW divison. Hopefully it wont happen, but if it does, the UFC will be just fine.

I don't know the specifics of the deal outside what I have read here so I can't say who should do what. I do think that letting Fedor sign with someone else lends a legitimacy to the other organization. There are still solid unsigned fighters out there that could fill out a good HW division.

I'd love to see Aleks, Semenov, and Zentsov in the UFC. Why would that be a bad thing?

 I pray to god Fedor doesnt become the next F. Shamrock.

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I'd love to see Aleks, Semenov, and Zentsov in the UFC. Why would that be a bad thing?



Aleks, sure.  But I don't think there are a whole lot of winnable fights in the UFC for Semenov and Zentsov right now.

At this time in MMA there is Fedor, then there's every one else.

"In many ways the UFC is the star"

Very true and thats because of the great marketing. I don't average person cares about the UFC and if they thought there was a better org or better fighters they would watch that. If the sport does continue to grow then peopel will know the names and tune in to the fighters they like.

I'm sure Fedor will eventually make it to the UFC.

Just be patient you bunch of nervous nellies.

"Ask Vera how it turned out... the manager is the problem."

I understand your point but LOL at comparing the bargaining power of Vera to that of Fedor.

Vera is an unproven guys who has never beaten a top guy.

Fedor is the undisputed best fighter in the world. Fedor is already a star in other countries. Vera not so much.

Fedor is a healiner and a draw.

With all that is mind the UFC is paying the bills with the money of "casual" fans and they will make money without Fedor. Hell they made money when big Tim was their paper champ. Is the UFC HW champ a paper cham with out Fedor in the mix? Yes. Is that forcedly a huge problem for the UFC? No.

Fedor may well will slip into irrelativity if he signs with another org. He could fight Barnett ut unless another org can develope some real talent there isn't much out there for him. That said who s there in the UFC for him? Perhaps if the winner of Randy v Gonzaga goes on to beat Nog then there will be a compelling match. There is no UFC fighter that is on Fedors heals as the #1 guy.

In short the UFC may not need Fedor and he may not need the UFC.