If Vitor pulls a Tito...

I say let him go Dana. I would miss him but this is bs. What happened to the class act that said he was giving a rematch? So if he decides to leverage for more money let him go, he is not hte true champ anyway.

No opinions? I'm not saying this is what i want but I have a bad feeling that ufc may be losing another champion (due to greed).

I don't think Vitor has the right to try to unify based on the fact that he's 2-1 with 1 win against a b fighter and 1 fluke win for the title.

I am a Vitor fan but more of Randy's.

I agree that Vitor runs the risk of marking himself like Tito did if he does not rematch.

He won the fight technically fair and square imo but in the hearts and minds of the majority of mma fans and fighters, I think opinion would go against him if he does not rematch.

Look at Matt Hughes after Newton: "We need to settle this thing," he said.

Bang Ludwig acknowleged his gift standup against Sudo and stated he should and was willing to rematch Sudo.

If Vitor wants the greatness that we all know he is capable of, he has to do it.

Thank you, it's about time somebody posted. Nice analogies to boot.

No objections here. If Vitor has decided that he will not give an immediate rematch(niether fighter faces anyone else) then I say no big payoff.

I know that MMA is a very hard way to earn a living but a certain standard and expectation should be set. Sure Vitor desrves $$$ but a rematch should obviously be expected. Regardless of belts a Vitor / Silva rematch would be a huge draw.

back to interim belts..

exactly , the one thing vitor has over the ufc is the belt....they dont need anymore trouble with the belts .
i hope they sign him , i think he will do well in the u.s.