If Wand fights again who should he fight?

Who would you want him to fight. I say jorge santiago. Phone Post

Mr Sponge - Who would you want him to fight. I say jorge santiago. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

The worst 135lber Phone Post

I'd like to see him against Jorge Rivera if he loses to Sakara. Definitely nobody anywhere near the top of the division, just fights that are exciting and not incredibly dangerous for Wanderlei. Perhaps Tim Credeur would be interested in fighting Wand or even one last fight for Nate Quarry.

Someone who doesn't have bomb in his hands.

Wanderlei can't take punches anymore, every stronger puncher will give Wand big problems.

Simpson, Herman or someone like that would be good fight for Wand.


^^ DAT

I think wand destroys santiago then retires Phone Post

Maia Phone Post

Put him against Chael.

Somebody that doesn't hit like a Mack truck.


As much as it would suck, I personally would like to see him retire. He is one of my favorite fighters and I would hate to see him get irreversible damage to his brain. He is a warrior and is not going to want to retire so his first next fight is going to be with his conscience. I dont want to see his next few fights be like Chack's last few. The man is a legend in MMA. I wish him the best for his safety. Phone Post

Another fight with chuck would be smazing also Phone Post

Tim Credeur in Japan. Give Wand a fight he can win on his way out.


^Drew McFedries not Radev btw

Someone with pillows for hands......a rematch with bisping springs to mind Phone Post

Creduer, Jason Mcdonald, Jorge Rivera, CB Dolloway, Dan Miller.

Rematch with Tito.