If we raise corporate taxes, how do we ensure they don't move abroad?

Taxing them sounds good in theory, but practically, how do we ensure they actually pay?


Strip them of the access to domestic market. Its very easy to enforce job and manufacturing quotas on businesses that want to do business in your economy. Taxation si a red herring thrown about by meme reading fucktards


Lock them down.

Nationalise them

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This is correct. Good govt regulation is the answer

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You can also tariff the goods or services of any company that moves offshore to avoid taxes

Indonesia runs a very protectionist economy however it ensures that its 268 million people are broadly speaking employed, thus easing pressure on rising extremism. People think indonesia is jsut Bali and tourism, it isn’t. Despite being capitalist, and lacking in a developed welfare state (they killed most communists in the 70s under CIA direction and the dictator. Fuels, Telekom, Utilities are all state run enterprises. As they should be.

Foreign imported goods can have up to 300% import taxes. Samsung has 80% of the Smart phone market which has 98!!% penetration because they were willing ot go through the hassles and (it is a bureaucratic nightmare doing shit here sometimes) of building factories in Java. Thus Samsung is built here, doesnt get taxed to shit.

You’d have to be an utter moron to think businesses won’t go to extreme lengths to avoid taxes. When Trump lowered the corporate tax rate, a lot of money was repatriated into the US from overseas. Why? Because it was cheaper that doing this kind of convoluted stuff:

Any idiot who thinks that increased corporate taxes or increase in minimum wage won’t get passed onto consumers or cause businesses to move overseas or to cut jobs have no clue how big business works.

CEO’s answer to their BoD who in turn answer to the shareholders. Any reduction in revenue and profits cause the stock price to tank and that’s when the CEO and BoD’s get fired.

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@trust, @onthegreen411, what do you think of @Ghengiseanie 's point? Could restricting access to the market work? He provided an example with Indonesia.

If a country restricts access to foreign goods. It’s usually reciprocated

If USA taxes lumber from Canada… Canada taxes lumber from USA

And it goes on and on

What the USA and other countries who want business to manufacture in their country is keep corp tax low (or market level) because the company hires workers. They help the community (sponsorships, charity, donations etc )

The net benefit to having higher paying manufacturing or tech jobs in a community is huge

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But Canada can’t and doesn’t because the supply is to much for only a Canadian demand, so we fold and still sell it to Americans cheap.

Trump tried that indirectly by forcing a better trade deal on China but the Democrats pushed back because we are now in a global economy and China is more important to many US businesses that support the Democrats than the US is.


VAT tax, collect a tax anything they buy or sell anything