If we still used a "bit" system for graphics...

...what would the ps4 and xbone be rated? Phone Post 3.0

Aren't they like 64 bit or something..like the Atari Jaguar?

My answer is 512.

ClevelandCursed - My answer is 512.
This would be my guess if they went in order. I remember as a kid that it was a big deal on how many bits a system was.

I also remember when turbo grafix 16 came out that it really was more like a "12" bit. Lol Phone Post 3.0

Funny thing about the Jaguar was it had 2, 32 bit processors. Their slogan was "do the math" 32+32=64. LOL

I knew the jaguar had 2 processors but I don't remember that slogan lol

^I remember seeing it in ads in old gaming magazines lol


Playstation 2 and Dreamcast were the last consoles to advertise bit length, both advertising 128 bits, but they both had 64 bit processors.

Did any of you have a Turbo Grafix 16? Phone Post 3.0

I didn't have one, but I have one now.

Anybody that has a Wii or Wii U, I recommend downloading the game Soldier Blade. Just awesome. IMO the best game in the Star Soldier series (similar to Blazing Lazers/Gunhed)

cssltx - Did any of you have a Turbo Grafix 16? Phone Post 3.0

yep. it was so far ahead of it's time.
loved some stupid lil racing game it had.


i think this is the game

cssltx - Did any of you have a Turbo Grafix 16? Phone Post 3.0
Yeah. Only had Bonks Adventure and Splatterhouse though. Phone Post 3.0

Bonks and splatter house were awesome! Phone Post 3.0

I even think their was a turbo grafix 16 handheld. I remember my friend bought an Atari Lynx...that was a cool hand held too :) Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I had Keith courage, legendary ass, vigilante, sf 2 championship edition (import) and china warrior. I eventually got bonk. Genesis was way better Phone Post 3.0

TurboGrafx fucked up from the start by including the shitty Keith Courage game with the console instead of Bonk's Adventure---which they eventually switched to, but by then it was far too late. You can't compete with Sega's Altered Beast with fucking Keith Courage. Also, one controller port out of the box was bullshit; the Turbo Tap should have been included in the system. The shooters were where the system shined. I could have trained a monkey to do physics with the amount of time I spent playing R-Type and Blazing Lazers.