If you are deaf…

How do you talk to yourself in your head when your thinking?

This is the kinda shit I get asked by my kid…. Never a dull moment. You all get some good questions from your young ones?


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Allegedly not everyone has that narrating voice in their head. I don’t understand how that is possible or if it is true. But apparently it is true.

I assume those people are just retarded and don’t realize they are really doing it

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That’s interesting, I have never thought about that until it was brought to my attention by a child…. Nice to actually wonder about something interesting

Reminds of a book I heard about but haven’t read. The book is called A Man Without Words, and it’s a out a deaf man who doesn’t learn sign language until he’s an adult. If I recall, he really didn’t have a set way to communicate with people. He never realized that there’s an agreed upon sign for cat that you could use with people who sign and they’d understand it (I understand there are different languages of sign language, so the sign for cat isn’t always the same). As he eventually learns to sign and communicate, he reaches a point where he doesn’t even remember how he used to think/communicate with others, because he now had a basis if language to use.

I might be mistaken on the details of the book, but that’s the explanation I remember about it