If you are interested in ASP.NET

You can download the .NET Framework and the ASP.NET Web Matrix designer for free. It's not nearly as cool as Visual Studio, but for those of you with tight budgets that want to learn some of this, it's a pretty cool dev tool. Also, I appreciate all of the feedback from the Java guys as to their preferred free dev tools. I'm still trying to get better at Java even though I'm not interested in that line of work on a professional level. Thought some of my fellow Geeks would be interested.





I installed the .NET framework on one of my computers.

2 things:
1) I couldn't use Webmatrix to connect to a remote DB
2) I couldn't figure out how to get my browser to parse my ASP pages on my local machine.

The web matrix doesn't have anything to do with connecting to a database. That is all in the framework, so are you sure your connectionstring was correctly formatted? What happened, did it time out? Error out? What?

What do you mean your *browser* couldn't parse ASP pages? Browsers don't process ASP or ASPX pages, your Web server does that. It's not like an HTML file. ASP pages run on a server that renders HTML to a browser, so I'm confused as to what you are telling me.

Do you have IIS installed? You can run aspnet_regiis.exe to try and fix those kinds of problems if it is an IIS problem.

Hope that helps. Let me know what's up.